Fees for translations, text editing and subtitling

Translating and text editing are tailor-made services. Assignments are never the same. Therefore we recommend you contact us via our contact form or email. Please include the text that needs to be translated, so we can make you a non-binding offer. It is important that we see the text that needs to be translated in advance in order to make a good assessment of, for example, the length of the text and the topic. Also important are the desired delivery date and format of the document (e.g. Word or pdf).

The minimal fee is € 50.00 including VAT.

Conveying your message clearly

We provide English to Dutch translations of your texts. In addition, we can check your texts for spelling mistakes and correct stylistic and grammatical errors. We can also help you to rewrite a text, so your audience will understand the message more clearly. We also do subtitling. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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